Northern Delights proudly offers it's charming, rustic space to various community events. We've been fortunate to host a wide spectrum of live music, from amazing open mics and local bands, to some truly world class acts giving us incredible performances out here in the po' dunk Hay Area. Acts like Israel Vibration, Secret Chiefs 3, DJ Logic, HR of Bad Brains, Hot Buttered Rum, Marcia Griffiths, Capleton, Fishbone, Daniel Higgs, The Itals, A Hawk and A Hacksaw, The Lord Dog Bird, Deep Chatham, The No Good Redwood Ramblers, Jr. Toots, White Manna,  Prezident Brown, Urarider, Winston Jarrett, and Hippie Chuck and The Rusty Pipes to give you an idea. It all couldn't be possible without the wonderful support of our patrons, and we thank you for it. Stay tuned!


and noncommunicative events like loitering, drug and alchohol abuse, wifi piracy, and train station substitution and/or rest area/

and weirdos, vagabonds, twi-fi characters, ogles,dirtbags, etc.

Karaoke Night




In case you're wondering, these frantic, maniacal, urban bimbos probably won't be there...


disclaimer: actual life and/or event night may appear calmer and more dull



thanks to the Nazis at ASCAP and SESAC we may need another license for you to sing shitily. Just like the Girls Scouts needed one to not  have to dance the Macarena in silence and you better have one to sing Hapy Birthday to your friends cuz they own that song. seriously! sick world      



and/or kinda eerie/irie or bizarro/terrifying

you don't think any of them will see this site and sue this webmaster do you?

Open Mics

We dare say we may have one of the best open mics in the country....did we say country? we mean county, no knows? 


But when the intergalactic migrant workers arrive in droves in the fall to pluck flowers they often bring along some talent to go with their dogs and aromas. Add  some of our hidden local talent , watch out Twilight Zone!


We try to have them on Fridays when other music events aren't planned. If your lucky and we stay on top of this page, they may even be listed on here sometimes. Check our marquee out front for your best bet.

some positively see it as the worse

find the tweakers who stole my solar lights off of it too please if you can. "tweakers like lights"Andrea

Upcoming Concerts

We try to present a broad spectrum of artists, this way some of the people are happy some of the time. We learned quickly that you just can't please 'em all and some people love to complain. You could be one of 'em now couldn't ya? we hope not and so does the rest of humanity.


When? click here for dates and tickets




you think Mauro would let us do this, he's a child of the depression era. it was part of the stock website page that came with those chix up top, figured i'd keep it but change the possibility of it ever happening. a webmaster can do things like that