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Fishbone video clip from Northern Delights show



King Jah throwin' down for a granny


How to properly pronounce Hayfork


I got this guy coming to the cafe to talk about his experience!  


What can't humania do at this point?























FB=losers, may these keep you off it for at least a few mins a day.. or maybe i'm just sayin that cuz i have no FB friends, ok it's true ,i just wanna be "liked".saw a bum in austin once at an open mic and after he gave his phone number to the crowd he explained nondeliberately he didn't do that "my face" or "spacebook" stuff. I "liked"him!

Got Drought? hmmm.....


Monday thru Friday

open 7:30am to 7pm

Fri Open Mic Hours:

5PM to 12AM

Closed Sat & Sun


7091 State Hwy 3
Hayfork, CA. 96041



Just make it to the Hay Area,

we'd be hard to miss....

...Red Building...

with Life spilling out into the Street. Enjoy!

Special Thanks to

Fran Lanzisera, for creating all

the Easter Eggs on this Site. LMAO!